KYMCO RevoNEX and SuperNEX concept motorcycles win…


BIZARRE, the EICMA show in Milan uncovered a bit of an odd occurrence last week, as KYMCO used the Milan show to update the SuperNEX and RevoNEX electric motorcycle concepts.

The normal route to announcing a new motorcycle is to release a concept and then, usually a bit later, announce a toned down and much more conservative production version to the world. It’s a proven method, although Taiwanese manufacturer KYMCO seems to have done the opposite.

We first laid eyes on the SuperNEX at the 2019 Tokyo Motorcycle Show when we were invited for the official launch. Shortly after, the RevoNEX naked bike appeared, although no official public launch was confirmed.

Now automotive giant that is KYMCO is upping the crazy dial and has given both bikes a complete aesthetic makeover, but still no launch date!

Both electric motorcycle concepts stay fairly true to the original concept, with both motorcycles featuring a manual transmission and clutch, just like a gas-powered motorcycle, although the sportier SuperNEX comes with a transmission. by chain and the RevoNEX by a belt. Bike stats and specs are very thin on the ground, and when I spoke to KYMCO CEO Mr. Alan Ko at the Tokyo show, he was tight-lipped about important numbers.

So what’s up with KYMCO electric motorcycle concepts?

Basically, it’s the style. With such a long delay between the release of the concept and (yet not) officially announced, the original design of the bikes was starting to look a bit dated. Both received a bit of a tweak, with the SuperNEX sport bike gaining a more aggressive front end and the RevoNEX roadster a cleaner, more modern design.

Both bikes are also now clad in a strange sort of hexagonal “skin”, wrapping the bike’s interior in what looks like matte-finish plastic. It seems to have done the trick and both bikes indeed look up to date. The only question that remains though is that if we have to wait another four years before these things actually hit the road, how many more updates will KYMCO have to make to these “concept” bikes?


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