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NEW YORK, Feb. 23 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SYNLawn New York recently received the Specialty Project of the Year award, presented by SYNLawn®, the largest manufacturer and unparalleled innovator of artificial turf in North America. Anastasia Phillips, owner of SYNLawn New York, and her team teamed up with award-winning designer Mimi Lien to create “The GREEN,” a temporary installation in the iconic Lincoln Center’s Josie Robertson Plaza.

“It was an honor to be selected by the Lincoln Center Arts Council to install this huge green space,” said Phillips. “Our team enjoyed working with Mimi Lien to bring this temporary facility to life for residents and tourists to enjoy during the summer months.

The outdoor space was a physical focal point in the plaza of Lincoln Center. Lien chose SYNLawn New York to bring her design to life because of the lush, realistic feel of the synthetic turf, selection of eco-friendly products, and Class A fire rating. She was able to organize and execute design while visiting the New York Showroom at TriBeCa taking advantage of its many design services.

21,800 square feet of USDA Bio-Based SYNAugustine 347 artificial turf was used to transform the park into a bright and vibrant space centered around the Revson Fountain. Although the facility was temporary, it provided a luxurious and relaxing outdoor space for locals and tourists.

SYNLawn New York is the largest certified supplier and installer of SYNLawn products. Phillips and his team serve the greater New York area providing artificial turf solutions for commercial, landscaping and residential projects. Photos of “Le VERT” are available on request. For more information about SYNLawn New York, please visit https://newyorkartificiallawns.com/.


SYNLawn® is the largest manufacturer and unparalleled innovator of artificial turf in North America and offers the greenest turf on Earth. Within SportGroup Holding® family of companies, SYNLawn, along with sister surfacing brands – Astroturf, Rekortan, APT and Laykold – offer the best products available on the market. SYNLawn’s product offerings also include Calico Greens™, a premium line of artificial wall screens. SYNLawn’s turnkey network of 100 distributors seamlessly combines environmental stewardship with cutting-edge innovations. Manufactured in Dalton, Georgia, SYNLawn uses bio-based ingredients, such as soy and sugar cane, and consumer-friendly additives such as antimicrobials to meet the wide range of customer needs. With over 200,000 residential and commercial installations, the company is raising the bar for global synthetic turf standards and transforming the idea of ​​grass. We have a proprietary system with a large percentage of renewable content. From rooftops to roadway medians and rocket launch viewing sites, SYNLawn has installed more than 82 million square feet of American soybean grass in 200,000 installations in the United States and 19 other countries since 2008. SYNLawn added more soy than ever to its products in 2021, which increased its use of US soybeans by 10%. For more information, visit www.SYNLawn.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

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