Looking forward to another exciting program year


The TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce is making plans for our 2022-2023 program year. Our staff recently met as a team to discuss our values. These values ​​are the measure against which we will evaluate all of our member benefits, programs and events.

Values ​​include members first, chamber community, integrity and fairness, and meaningful work. We assess our existing programming against these values, but we have also defined them with the goal of designing new programs and services focused on achieving these values ​​and demonstrating value for our members.

We have so many successful initiatives that we will continue to offer, but we are also introducing several new elements for this next program year. To continue to deliver our same level of quantity and quality of our existing programming, we want to make sure we have all the support we need to do this for our members.

So last month, we hired a new part-time Director of Member Relations and Engagement. It is important to us to provide our members with all the help they need to ensure they get the most out of their membership. Our newest recruit is Lisa Rawus, and she will reach out to our new members to help activate their membership and help the chamber with our revamped Ambassador Program.


Lisa will also help us share our story with companies that are not yet members. The Tri-County Chamber offers a variety of member benefits to help meet the needs of most businesses to help them grow and we want as many businesses as possible in the Tri-County area to know that we are here to support them.

In addition to hiring new staff, it was important as we enter a new program year that we recognize the commitment of existing staff.

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Melissa Shainline. Melissa joined our team in 2012. She managed our membership database and provided administrative support to our office. Over the years, Melissa has earned the respect of our members as the go-to person for TriCounty Chamber matters. His administrative responsibilities have also expanded over the years to manage billing, process payments, order supplies, negotiate office contracts, manage our technology, and much more.

lemon balm shainline

It is appropriate at this point in Melissa’s career with the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce to promote Melissa to Director of Member Services and Office Manager. If you know Melissa, please take the time to reach out to her, congratulate her on her promotion, and thank her for her dedication every day to helping our members and helping our team!

It is also important to note that Melissa accomplishes all of these tasks for the TriCounty Chamber in 20 hours/week; Melissa is also an administrative assistant for economic development in the Pottstown area.

Over the next month, we’ll be announcing new programs, upcoming events, and the unique opportunities we’ll be offering our members. Stay tuned for my future articles to share all the exciting details! Please always visit tricountyareeachamber.com for information about the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce.



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