Love and Thunder Concept Art Reveals the Forsaken Return of the Grandmaster


It’s been another hot summer for Marvel with one of their biggest releases being Thor: Love and Thunder. The Taika Waititi the comedy-directed epic has grossed over $700 million at the worldwide box office. The Thunder God’s Last Adventure was filled with plenty of wild performances and cameos, but one of the film’s most notable absences was Jeff Goldblumis Grand Master. The actor stole the show in his MCU debut in Thor: Ragnarok and thanks to concept art, we now have a better idea of ​​Grandmaster’s original role in love and thunder.

The new concept art shared by the Marvel Studios illustrator Laurent Ben Mimoun sees Grandmaster in a rather rough state. The character is seen in robes similar in color to those he wears in Ragnarok, but he doesn’t look happy and seems to be in a broken ship. There’s a robot doing repairs next to him, and it also looks like Grandmaster got an upgrade. He now appears to have robotic arms.


The caption accompanying the image reads “Moon of Shame”. Although this is very enigmatic, there is a big clue as to where Goldblum would have appeared in the movie. Next to the robot is Korg’s severed head, meaning this scene takes place after Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane go up against Zeus. The Moon of Shame can also refer to the elegant black and white battle between Christian Baleis Gorr the Butcher God and Team Thor in the Shadow Realm.

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Bale revealed last month that he filmed scenes with Goldblum, as well as Pierre Dinklageit didn’t make the final film. game of thrones actress Lena Headey also had a role in the film, but she was ultimately cut as well. This was accompanied by reports that Marvel Studios mandated a two-hour runtime for Love and Thunder. Seeing this concept art only makes the fact that Goldblum was cut even harder to swallow. Once again, Goldblum has brought so much delightful life to the world of Thor by Ragnarok and that film’s final post-credit scene teased that there were still stories to be told with the character. The Grand Master also hilariously became Darryl’s roommate in the Team Darryl Marvel Studios One Shot which is the last we saw of the character.

It would have been great to see Gorr and Grandmaster in a scene together. Hopefully their deleted scenes together will make it onto the Blu-ray version, because you can never have enough Goldblum in your life.

If you haven’t seen Thor: Love and Thunder yet, this extremely colorful and absurd comedy is still playing. You can also see concept art for Grandmaster below. However, if you want more Goldblum in your life, you can see it in Jurassic World Dominion‘s Extended Cut which is now on Digital and Blu-ray.


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