Marvel artist reveals early Hawkeye concepts ahead of Disney Plus series


It’s been ten years since Jeremy Renner made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Thor, via a cameo that was blatantly added very late in the day to briefly introduce Clint Barton to the general public ahead of the release of The Avengers the following summer.

Since, Hawk Eye has become a full-fledged supporting player in the overall MCU tapestry, never coming close to being a leading man. However, that all changes in two days when his solo series finally airs on Disney Plus, even though the expert archer is set to share the headliner with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop.

Ahead of the two-episode debut that marks the franchise’s fifth and final Disney Plus exclusive of the year, artist Andy Park shared his very first concepts showing what Hawkeye might have looked like when he made his live-action debut. , as you can see below.

That’s not far from what we ended up getting, although it leans a bit more on the character’s comic book origins than the more grounded aesthetic that Clint has sported so far. Renner once referred to himself as the Father of the MCU, which shows how long he’s been waiting behind the scenes Hawk Eye to finally take center stage.

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