Matt Roloff ‘breaks new ground’ for exciting new project on Roloff Farm


Matt Roloff is known for getting his hands dirty renovating the famous family farmhouse, and he’s doing it yet again – it sounds pretty extreme!

Despite the farm being up for sale, Matt of Little People, Big World puts more blood, sweat, and possibly tears into the famous property.

Even when the cameras aren’t on, the 60-year-old loves to update fans on his latest home improvement antics, and judging by the foundation, he’s got something pretty big planned.

My Rolling Stone Life | Trailer | BBC

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My Rolling Stone Life | Trailer | BBC





Matt Roloff has another project up his sleeve

To say the father of four is a builder is an understatement. From a concrete castle with its own dungeons to a western town with a saloon, Matt has built masterpieces for his children over the past 30 years and he shows no signs of stopping.

His latest Instagram post updated his progress in building another home on the 93 acres he chose to keep off the market. Judging from the context, his new dream home will be located near the barn he built last year in time for Amy’s wedding to Chris.

The new abode will face west, instead of southwest, which gave it a handful of extra work.

Zach is against the sale of Roloff Farm

Fans slammed Matt for putting the iconic property up for sale last month, instead of passing it on to his children.

“Why don’t you accept your son’s offer?” You’d rather sell to someone else than leave it in the family,” one commented.

He defended that “it wasn’t meant to be” since Jeremy and Zach would have decided not to buy it together and because it “cannot be legally split into multiple packages”. The trolls have become so hurtful that the comments section has been disabled.

According to Zach, however, that is not the case and accused his father of manipulating the “narrative just before the season’s release with his wildly flawed claims”.

If you watched LPBW, you would have seen their feud unfold, along with Zach calling the farm “the perfect place” for his future family.

Want to peek inside the 16 acres worth $4 million? Check out Matt’s tour – complete with barns and underground tunnels galore.

The pirate ship is really conquering us.

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Tori Roloff is only a year younger than Zach and both are Taurus signs


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