MESI, Ltd. wins Gold German Design Award for innovative concept of its comprehensive diagnostic tool for primary care


“The Gold German Design Award for the MESI mTABLET proves that innovative concept, practical use and cutting-edge design can go hand in hand in primary care. It is a special honor because this year also marks the first decade of this eminent competition. from MESI Ltd. itself. We are committed to supporting the healthcare system with time-saving diagnostic solutions, and forward-thinking design is a vital piece of the puzzle, ”said Jakob Šušterič, CEO of MESI, Ltd.

About the company:
MESI, Ltd. is an innovative company located in Europe which develops and produces medical devices for diagnostic purposes. It focuses on simplifying diagnostics to help clinicians discover disease at an early stage. One of their solutions is MESI mTABLETTE – a system combining 1 minute wireless intelligent ABI, a flexible pulse oximeter, fully digital ECG, wireless TBI, a blood pressure monitor for immediate readings, and aspirometer with a flow-volume curve animated in real time. The data collected with the MESI mTABLET multi-diagnostic tool will ultimately be used to createpredictive medical assessment (PMA) thanks to artificial intelligence. CA will helpdetect early conditions,to predict future results based on past data, andrecommendActions.

Contact: Manca Uršič Rosas
+386 1 620 34 87
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