Mike Farrell: location of new sheriff’s office ‘a horrible idea’


Moving the Androscoggin Sheriff’s Office to the Evergreen Subaru property on Center Street is a horrible idea. I hope the city of Auburn won’t allow it.

The traffic is horrible there; adding emergency vehicles will create chaos in an already accident-prone area. Taking prime commercial real estate from an already crowded commercial front in infrastructure that was built incorrectly is not going to help citizens. Removing a multimillion-dollar property from the tax rolls and turning it into a nonprofit makes Auburn taxpayers responsible for the loss.

With the rise of commercial properties coming to the area and their desire to be close to one another i.e. Olive Garden and Target, you are limiting the ability for growth. Unless Androscoggin County demands that other municipalities involved pay foregone taxes, pay for traffic calming, and provide a general benefit to the citizens of Auburn, the project should be stopped.

The City of Lewiston is embarking on the construction of a new police station. Could Androscoggin County pursue a joint venture to save taxpayer money in the form of a campus system? At the very least, put it to a vote?

Again, this is valuable commercial real estate that we cannot recover. This is not the best way to help finance our municipal budget.

To me, it also goes against many studies and recommendations to consolidate and share county services like 911, making Auburn foot the bill.

Mike Farrell, Auburn

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