Minecraft Player shares an awesome concept for a new title screen


Deciding that the current title screen needs an upgrade, a Minecraft player creates a new animation and title screen for the game.

Although it has been on the market for over 10 years at this point, Minecraft is still one of the titans of the gaming industry. MinecraftThe dominance of has continued for so long due to constant updates, a massive community, as well as its wide appeal and accessibility.

While, as mentioned earlier, it’s true that the game has received consistent updates throughout its life, Microsoft has recently been hard at work delivering massive updates to the game that add new mobs and content. In addition, recent news suggests new Minecraft projects are underway, further showing Microsoft’s dedication to the game and its franchise.


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However, that hasn’t stopped players from wondering when certain parts of the game will be changed or updated. For example, when Minecraft players were asked to vote on new monsters, with many wondering why not all monsters could be added to the game. Another part of the game that some players feel needs an update is the title screen. Although it has received a few updates over the years, the title screen can get a bit bland for players who log in frequently. for this reason, a player recently decided to create a new title screen for the game.

Reddit user NimbleCEO decided to tackle the task of creating a new title screen for the game, and to that end designed and animated a new menu intro. Featuring a small segment where the camera pans over a natural arch and over rolling hills and a village, the intro is much more active and lively than any title screen seen before. Comparable to Minecraft Gamekeeper animation, NimbleCEO’s creation is an incredible piece of work that shows a ton of skill as well as dedication to the game.

Other Reddit users agreed with that sentiment, applauding NimbleCEO for their efforts and cracking a few jokes. One user joked that he imagined VR users falling as the intro rotated and swept across the landscape. Another user said he would really like his game’s intro, adding that Mojang should take some notes. Other users mentioned that the animation could cause motion sickness and it could get old quickly, but other than those criticisms, users loved the clip.

While there are definitely some issues, NimbleCEO noted that they are far from done with the animation and will continue to improve it. As the Minecraft star destroyer fleet, the animation can take a ton of effort and time, but from what NimbleCEO has done so far, it’s sure to turn out beautifully.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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