More and more companies are imposing masks in New Jersey


More and more mask and vaccination warrants are coming to New Jersey, both for government officials and private companies.

Target, Home Depot and McDonalds are among nationwide chains announcing that all employees must mask themselves in areas with high COVID-19 transmission rates. In New Jersey, it’s pretty much everywhere. Gov. Phil Murphy announced new vaccination mandates for a number of state employees and hinted more to come.

Here is an overview of the new mandates:

High transmission areas

According to the CDC, 20 of New Jersey’s 21 counties are classified as areas of “substantial” or “high” COVID transmission. Only Warren County falls outside these categories.

CDC COVID transmission card dated 08/03/21


In a statement, Target said they would “require face coverings for our team members and would strongly recommend face coverings for all guests” in areas with high COVID transmission. Wearing a mask is compulsory regardless of the vaccination status. Target has 47 stores in New Jersey, including two in Warren County. No compulsory vaccination for employees.


All employees are required to wear a mask in all stores and distribution centers located in counties with high or substantial transmission rates, regardless of immunization status. Customers are also encouraged to wear a face cover. Walmart also announced that it is doubling the amount it pays workers for vaccinations from $ 75 to $ 150.

Home deposit

In a statement, the company said it will ask customers to mask themselves regardless of their immunization status. All “associates, contractors and salespeople” are required to wear a mask. No compulsory vaccination for employees.


The company requires that all employees wear a mask in company-owned and franchise locations. No compulsory vaccination for employees.


A mandatory mask policy is now in effect at all locations in the United States for employees. Masks are optional for customers. No compulsory vaccination for employees.

State mandate for vaccines

Gov. Phil Murphy has said workers in New Jersey’s public and private healthcare facilities, nursing homes and high-risk community living centers should get vaccinated for COVID or undergo regular testing for the virus. . Murphy also indicated that a vaccination warrant could come for all officials. However, the state’s largest public sector workers union (CWA) has long argued that any changes to workplace rules, including vaccinations, should be addressed through collective bargaining.

School vaccines

Jersey City Councilor James Solomon wants the city to impose a vaccination mandate on teachers and school employees. A city spokesperson told they will not impose any new mandates until new guidelines are received from state education officials. Governor Murphy has left the COVID warrants in the hands of local school districts, for now.

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