Moving a New Coworking Space Concept to Arlington


Construction has already begun to transform the second and third floors of the Center Field Office Building into private offices, Zoom rooms and meeting spaces.

ARLINGTON, Texas— Spark Coworking moves into the second and third floors of Choctaw Stadium, officials announced Wednesday.

“We offer a variety of memberships ranging from mailbox subscriptions, private offices, offices, suites,” said Shervonne Cherry of Spark. “So a solo entrepreneur just needs a space to launch their business and register their business with companies that need a satellite office for 50 people.”

Construction has already begun to turn the second and third floors of the Center Field Office Building into private offices, Zoom rooms, meeting spaces and a podcast studio, which will open later this year, according to Cherry.

People will be able to purchase “day passes” for a non-dedicated office with access to the lounge and communal kitchen.

“Our big goal is to bring and attract quality jobs here and that’s exactly what this type of entity will do,” said Arlington Mayor Jim Ross.

Choctaw Stadium will continue to host sporting events, including the Dallas Jackals Rugby the team and the Dallas XFL Renegades team next year, according to the mayor.

The city’s hope is that businesses – large and small – will use the Spark space while also taking advantage of all that is happening in Arlington.

Construction of the new Convention Center, 900-room hotel and National Medal of Honor Museum continues in the Entertainment District. Crews are also working on finishing the new and luxurious resort-style residential development, “One Rangers Way”.

“It’s no secret that the Rangers hope to host an all-star game in the future,” Texas Rangers executive vice president of business operations Rob Matwick said. “Certainly having 1,100 or 1,200 hotel rooms within walking distance of the ballpark, within walking distance of AT&T Stadium, is a game-changer for us.”

“It sets everything up,” Ross said. “You can live, work and play here in Arlington.”


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