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MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Ore. (KPTV) – Multnomah County leaders continue to tackle the homelessness issue in the region, and on Thursday they took stock of the progress of the Safe Rest Villages.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – Last week, Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan announced three Safe Rest Village locations across town, but one of them…

Safe Rest Villages are meant to be safe, clean and managed places for the homeless. The sleeping cabins in these spaces will have basic items like heating and electricity and a door that locks. There will also be common areas with bathrooms, laundry room, kitchenettes, with sewage and water.

The committee that is trying to set up the villages has looked at over 100 sites and says that no site is perfect and meets all of their criteria.

“Is it close to other services? Are there convenience stores nearby rather than a full-fledged grocery store, as some grocery stores will limit access,” said Chariti Montez, head of anti-drug strategies. ‘roaming. “So there is this greater part of what is the services in the surroundings, the access to the services and the site itself. “

“We have two moving forward,” said Commissioner Dan Ryan. “Then we have at least four more that we hope to announce in the next one – in the near future.”

One site named, so far, is on 122nd Southeast and Burnside, which is a TriMet property and can hold up to 60 pods.

The stay in these villages will be based on referrals from first responders, park rangers or others in contact with the homeless. The money for the pods comes from the US bailout.

City leaders have yet to say when exactly people will start settling in these villages, but the goal is to build six villages of rest and safety by the end of the year.

Multnomah Co. Executives Provide Update on Progress in Safe Rest Villages

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