Musical Concepts announces the return of long-lost Orpheus label


Musical Concepts announces the return of the Orpheus label.

The label, America’s largest and least known classical music label was part of the Musical Heritage Society, a record club and record label founded in New York City in the early 1960s by Dr. Michael Naida.

Following the sale of the MHS record club in 2011, the label remained in the hands of the owners but only a few hundred jazz and classical recordings on the MusicMasters label remained available in digital form. In 2021, the Musical Heritage Society completed the first truly detailed search of the MHS recording catalog since buying the label and record club. They discovered that the Musical Heritage Society had more than 2,000 recordings, either purchased by the Society or made by the Society’s engineers and producers since the mid-1960s.

The Musical Heritage Society approached Musical Concepts with the idea of ​​reviving the Orpheus label and long-lost recordings by Ruth Slencnzyska, Huguette Dreyfus, the Austrian Tonkunstler Orchestra are set to be released.

There will also be performances by early music groups from New York as well as a series of recordings created by early music pioneer Denis Stevens.


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