nanameue ​​Announces Rebranding for the Web3 Virtual World of Yay! With concept film


TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–nanameue, Inc., a leading company in the democratization of social networks in Japan, announced the renewal of its brand for “Yay!”, the Web3 virtual world where everyone can be exactly what they want to be, with a new concept video. The release comes at the same time as nanameue’s announcement of planned participation in the initial exchange offering (IEO), as the company seeks to expand its mission to “build a community with science” by creating its own token economy.

Yay! was launched in January 2020 as a virtual world, with the concept of “providing a place where everyone can belong”. Over 5.5 million Yay! users get together with friends based on their interests, enjoy group phone calls, and make new connections every day.

The reason behind the brand renewal Yay!

Unlike other social media platforms where users primarily see posts from influencers who take all the spotlight, Yay! provides a community where everyone can be themselves, let loose, freely share what they like, and connect with others about their interests without shame. In order to continue to evolve as a flat-structured social environment rich in diversity, values ​​and expression, Yay! needs its community to be able to function and develop autonomously.

Thus, nanameue ​​plans to sell NFTs and issue original tokens for use on Yay! In doing so, the company aims to realize its truly sustainable virtual world where all of its members can be themselves and enjoy every day.

nanameue ​​demonstrated her commitment to Yay! with this brand renewal, showing how its users can “find their interests and connect in the new world with their virtual identities”.

With the ongoing update of the Yay! official website, logo and app, the brand renewal will reflect just how richly packed Yay’s virtual world is! is with the passions of a wide variety of users.

New Yippee! Concept video

In the Yay! concept video, a young woman in college is waiting to board a train, and as soon as she opens the Yay! app, the interior of the train transforms into a microcosm of Yay!

It comes with the original hip hop based song, “Lost in Yay! World” featuring Yay! as a place for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Concept video of Yay!

Full version (2 min 20 sec)

Short version (30 sec)

About Yay!

“Provide a place where everyone can belong.” With this concept, Yay!, the new web3-based world where everyone can be exactly what they want to be, was released in January 2020, serving as a new virtual world for users to find their interests, connect and have fun making group calls and more.

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About nanameue

With the mission of “Building a community with science”, nanameue ​​operates Yay!, the new web3-based world where everyone can be exactly what they want to be. Since its release in January 2020, Yay! has been used by over 5.5 million users as a place where they can belong. Its users connect with each other based on common interests, manage their own smaller communities, and can chat in group calls while playing their favorite video games. In the next steps, nanameue ​​is determined to form its own token economy within the Yay! community, bringing to life a truly sustainable virtual world. This will create a diverse, tolerant and empowered community, and allow all users to pursue their interests and be exactly who they want to be.

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