New CodeLogic Plugin Provides Full Dependency Intelligence in JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA


SAN FRANCISCO, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CodeLogic, Inc. today announced the new CodeLogic Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains, which allows developers to visualize CodeLogic’s real-time application code dependency intelligence directly within IntelliJ . CodeLogic’s powerful self-updating application impact and dependency analysis gives developers complete visibility into code and schema dependencies that IntelliJ misses. With this improved dependency intelligence, developers can make more informed code change decisions and improve transparency regarding the impact of code changes. As a result, developers can reduce down/fix cycles, inform task completion times, improve team collaboration, and deploy changes with confidence.

CodeLogic fills a knowledge gap in the software industry by providing comprehensive code dependency intelligence that other tools lack. By leveraging an environment where developers are already working, CodeLogic’s new plugin makes dependency knowledge easily accessible across teams, dramatically changing the way developers approach their projects and reducing time by 90% to find specific dependency data.

“Developers often rely on tribal knowledge, outdated documentation, or their IDE to provide dependency information when modifying code. As far as the IDE is concerned, they only have visibility into specific dependencies to the project,” said Eric Minick, product manager of CodeLogic. “With CodeLogic, developers can see dependencies within and between applications, allowing them to make code changes with confidence and know that their changes won’t impact other teams. new plugin brings dependency information right where developers are working, so they don’t break the flow to find it.”

When developers lack visibility into code dependencies within and between applications, there is a greater chance of breaking dependent projects or introducing a detrimental change that will have cascading effects. Broken code dependencies are usually discovered when a downstream build or QA test fails. Teams with code dependency intelligence can save time triaging, finding, and resolving preventable issues and spend more time building features and capabilities that will delight their users.

CodeLogic improves application development tool chains without replacing current processes. CodeLogic customers can easily install and configure the plugin in minutes. Once the plugin is configured, it enhances the IntelliJ “Find Usages” capability by displaying dependency data in current projects as well as other applications scanned by CodeLogic. The plugin provides instant access to the CodeLogic user interface, so developers can view additional code dependency details, analyze the impact of proposed code changes, and proactively notify teams that may be affected.

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CodeLogic’s mission is to revolutionize the way companies create and modernize software applications. Teams using CodeLogic can map, analyze, and understand application code dependencies from API to method to database — on a schedule, on demand, or whenever a build is complete. CodeLogic’s dependency intelligence helps development teams reduce failure/fix cycles, inform task completion times, improve collaboration, and make changes to code with confidence. For more information visit:

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