New Mortal Kombat project possibly hinted at by voice actor Johnny Cage


Andrew Bowen, the current voice behind mortal combatResident movie star Johnny Cage recently took to Twitter to tease work on a mysterious new project. His short video consists of a shot of the famous Warner Bros. water tower. (Yakko, Wakko and Dot were sleeping) accompanied by a quotation and a musical montage of the mortal combat series, which many interpret as a tease for Mortal Kombat 12.

Bowen has since deleted the tweet, however. However, there was music that wouldn’t be out of place in a mortal combat play with the quote, “Every lethal technique. It’s a wild fight. Having a ‘fight’ in there with the WB water tower, his history as Cage and the subsequent deletion of the tweet strongly imply that he cast votes for Mortal Kombat 12. However, this is not the only possibility.

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mortal combat is one of Warner Bros.’ biggest gaming properties, so Johnny Cage could pop up in all sorts of places that still fit that tease. Maybe the actor is voicing the character for a spot in MultiVersusW.B. Smash Bros.-as a platform fighter. However, while that doesn’t disprove that Cage may be involved in the game in some way, a previous leak indicated that Scorpion is heading into the game. It’s also possible that he’s also involved in a project. animation not announced, but if it is related to Johnny Cage and mortal combatJoel McHale voiced Cage in the last two animated films.

However, even with great skepticism, there are more than a few signs that point to Mortal Kombat 12 being the next game from NetherRealm Studios. GamesBeat reporter and backer Jeff Grubb noted that NetherRealm favors Mortal Kombat 12 on another Injustice game due to reluctance to work with another Warner Bros. property. as the fighting game developer’s future with the company is uncertain. A NetherRealm developer also appears to have leaked part of the game via a hastily deleted desktop photo with icons pointing to MK12 and Reptile, a fan-favorite character who wasn’t playable in MK11.

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Otherwise, Mortal Kombat 12 is one of many games revealed in Nvidia’s infamous leak. A good chunk of the unannounced games on this list have happened, like the Resident Evil 4 remake, Dragon’s Dogma II, Street Fighter 6, Crysis 4and kingdom hearts 4, so it might just be a matter of time. Sure, Injustice 3 is also on this list, and it’s entirely possible that Johnny Cage will take the same multiverse journey that Scorpion, Raiden and Sub-Zero have done in the past in the DC Universe or that NetherRealm might use the actor for another role. (which he often does). Regardless of what it is, it’s still a mystery what NetherRealm is working on and it’s unclear when the team will come out of their realm and confirm what they’re actually working on.


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