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City of Marshall officials have announced the start of the 2022 Cityscape Project.

The project is the annual repair and repaving of select roads within the city limits of Marshall, with the worst streets treated first based on Pavement Condition Index (PCI) determined by previous surveys conducted by a third party.

Work was scheduled to begin Friday, but was delayed by rain and will begin Monday, with officials estimating completion in October 2022. The plan is for the city to process about five miles of road in Marshall during this year’s project.

“We’re starting around the same time as last year, but we’ve been held up for a few days at the asphalt plant,” said public works manager Eric Powell, “We’re feeling the impact of the chain supply like other towns, but we’re confident we’ll do all the streets in pretty little time.

Powell explained at the last city council meeting to council members that the city was having trouble getting the asphalt needed for the project from the local company it is ordering from, as the company works under contract with the Texas Department of Transportation. Powell said TxDOT uses a different type of asphalt than that used in urban roadworks and slowed the project down by a few days.

On Monday, Powell said the contractor will begin the project on Louisiana Street in Marshall, which is marked as one of the highest PCI ratings on the 2022 list, marked at 24. PCI ratings range from 100 to 0, with higher ratings indicating worse road conditions.

A list of 35 streets with a PCI rating of 25 to 12 are listed on the city’s 2022 street planning list, although city officials have warned that the list is open to expansion or modification. disposal of streets based on available funds and timing.

Approximately $1.5 million is budgeted annually by the city for the streetscape project, with funds coming from the street program fund and dedicated sales taxes.

In the recently proposed 2023 budget and proposed new capital improvement plan, the city will potentially add an additional $500,000 per year to the project to be able to address more roads per year.

Powell presented the CIP to council members last Thursday at the regular city council meeting, explaining that the goal is to secure funding for the project up to about $2 million per year.

Two public hearings are scheduled on the PIC and draft 2023 budget, at the next two city council meetings scheduled for August 25 and September 8, which will provide an opportunity for the community to address council members on the plans offered.

More information on the current streetscape project and proposed budget and CIP can be found on the City of Marshall’s website at


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