New Year brings a lot of hope with announcements of major civic projects


The government sanctioned the preparation of DPR for the construction of elevated corridors to reduce traffic congestion

The year that has ended has not brought any major development in terms of civic infrastructure in Tiruchi, but the coming year is very promising as many projects are in preparation.

With the exception of a few projects such as the renovation of the Chathiram bus station, the development of the Uyyakondan river front and the illumination of Rockfort as part of the Smart Cities mission, major ongoing infrastructure projects such as that the construction of the Junction Road Over Bridge, the extension of the underground sewerage system, the new drinking water projects for the five districts of the Thanjavur road and the development of the roads have dragged on.

The main pending proposals such as the construction of the service roads along the Tiruchi-Thanjavur highway, the renovation / redevelopment of the Gandhi market, the reconstruction of the upper bridge of Salai Road and the construction of a new bridge over the Cauvery River remain on paper. The state government appears to have rethought the controversial issue of the construction of service roads along Thanjavur Road and the state road minister had asked the Center to allow an elevated corridor on the stretch instead. . As the land acquisition for the service roads has not yet been completed, the file continues to drag on.

However, the new government has offered a series of announcements and follow-up actions. The government has already authorized the preparation of detailed project reports (DPRs) for the construction of elevated corridors between the Anna statue in Chinthamani and the railway junction and between Odathurai and Mallatchipuram with the aim of reducing congestion in the city. New bridges are also proposed across the Cauvery in town and the railway line near Fort Station on Salai Road. Residents of the city hope the projects will take shape during the year.

Much hope arises from the repeated assurances of Minister of Municipal Administration KN Nehru on various aspects of the city’s development. Speaking during the government function to lay the foundation stone for the integrated bus stop in the presence of Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday, Nehru reaffirmed the government’s commitment to strengthening the city’s civic infrastructure. “The work has already started,” he said in response to Tiruchi MP Su.Thirunavukkarasar’s call to develop Tiruchi’s infrastructure.

Some civic activists in the city are optimistic about the city’s future prospects. “The decision to create the IBT after all these years made people happy. The area around Panchapur is ripe for a lot of development. It bodes well for the city, ”said C. Balasubramanian, a senior activist from District Exnora.

Echoing similar views, K. Sakthivel, organizer of the Federation of Resident Welfare Associations of Tiruchi City, who sought to highlight some of the long-standing projects in the city, observed that although the IBT proposal took shape after many years, it brought great joy.

Citing the incomplete Junction Road Upper Bridge as one of those important pending projects, Mr Sakthivel hoped the bridge will be completed within the next year as some vital steps have been taken to secure the land. Defense for the project in recent months. He also hoped that the government would carry out a project to clean up the Uyyakondan River in the city by preventing the flow of sewage into it. “Sir. Nehru has already promised that measures will be taken to this end; we hope that the pollution of the canal will be stopped soon,” he said.

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