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By Fern E. Gillespie
Do you have an idea to improve your community? The People’s Money, New York City’s first-ever participatory budgeting process, asks New Yorkers ages 11 and older how to spend $5 million in Mayor’s Expenditure Funding to meet the needs of their community.
“Through a robust and inclusive engagement process, more than 220 community groups, entities and organizations submitted proposals to host idea generation sessions. We are pleased to announce that 82 partners have been selected to host these in-person and virtual sessions where New Yorkers will be invited to brainstorm creative project ideas,” said Dr. Sarah Sayeed, President and Executive Director of the NYC Civic Commitment Commission. “Later in the process, these ideas will be developed into ballot proposals that New Yorkers can vote on. Community partners will then implement the winning projects starting in July 2023.”

The week of action begins September 19 with the NYC Civic Engagement Commission and the 82 partner organizations opening their doors to host idea generation sessions. All New Yorkers are welcome to attend sessions in their borough. Events from all boroughs will be posted on the CEC website.

In Brooklyn, People’s Money community partners are Life of Hope, Riseboro, Bridge Street Development, Brooklyn Level Up, Ebony’s Mindful Moves, Eleven3Seven5, El Puente De Williamsburg and Brooklyn NAACP.

For the Brooklyn NAACP, the grant is intended for Canarsie community idea generation as well as voter education and outreach. “During the West Indies Labor Day Parade, the Brooklyn branch of the NAACP had a float on Eastern Parkway and handed out palm cards with information on where you can register to vote, check your status registration and key dates for the upcoming Nov. 8 election,” Robyn Liverpool, second vice president of the Brooklyn NAACP, told Our Time Press.

At the Canarsie Library on October 6 at 6:00 p.m., the Brooklyn NAACP will host an Idea Generation Workshop. “We’re going to instruct them and see what they want in Canarsie,” she said. “A popular project in Brooklyn is community gardening. This is because some communities have food deserts and don’t think the produce in their particular local supermarket is fresh. Some people like to meditate in gardens. We live in a somewhat concrete jungle and gardening is a popular project for greenery, for aesthetic appeal, and to produce fresh tomatoes and vegetables for the community.

The People’s Money builds on the foundation laid by the Local Civic Engagement Commission’s 2021 process, which engaged residents of the 33 neighborhoods hardest hit by COVID-19 in a 1.3 million bucks.

New Yorkers will also be able to submit ideas and find other idea generation sessions through CEC’s online platform: – this site will house all relevant information during each phase of this process. .


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