No Way Home’ Concept Art Details Bigger Bridge Battle


Spider-Man: No Coming Home launched in theaters over a month ago, but we’re still getting a healthy stream of new art and content from the film’s production since. From the last version, we can see that the bridge battle we saw was not always what was intended.

One of the film’s key moments that sets the stage for its plot is the iconic bridge fight between Spider-Man and the first multiversal villain to emerge, Doc-Ock, but as the original concept art suggests, this could have been be even bigger.

Concept artist Sean Hargreaves who has worked extensively on Marvel movies including Spider-Man: No Coming Home shared some of his concept work for the film, including previews of the original ideas for that bridge fight scene.

In these concepts, we not only see Spider-Man take on Doc-Ock, but also Green Goblin getting in on the action. In the theatrical cut of the film, we don’t see Green Goblin until the end of this sequence, but it seems like at some point the character was meant to have a more integral part.

Other photos that Hargreaves shared show that the destruction was also to be greater, with Spider-Man seen holding a gigantic portion of the bridge with his webs collapsing onto the freeway below.

In total, there were six concept images shared by Hargreaves that appear to be from that fight, but on his art stationthere’s a ton more from the movie and other movies, including Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


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