NTXC kicks off Project Z with new mix

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Hard dance duo NTXC hit the road to Project Z with their new mix filled with hard-hitting tracks for our Paradigm Shift series!

American hard dance duo NTXC have been part of the scene for many years and are causing a stir with their infectious and fun sound. Some may know them by an old name where they set the tone for the rest of their career, being booked at Southern California’s biggest clubs and festivals like Swap THE, Weird Deaky, Basscon Desertand more.

As well as being great DJs, NTXC are also accomplished producers whose skills are recognized by some of the top labels in the scene, including Difficult files, Basscon Recordsand Barong family. Recently, the duo made their Beyond Wonderland SoCal debut where they gave it their all and proved why they belong in the conversation of the best hard dance talent on American soil.

In a relatively short period of time, this duo has earned some of the biggest accolades in the American hard dance scene, and now they’re riding the wave of momentum to see how far further they can go with their project. Currently, they have their eyes on the future as they are booked to perform a special B2B set with TYEGUYS at GRAVEDGR. WALKING THROUGH MY CEMETERY event in Los Angeles this month. History has shown that this B2B is always a good time, so be sure not to miss it.

In addition to this excellent booking, the duo are also expected to play at this year’s edition of Project Z as part of the Basscon team. To kick off the road to Project Z, NTXC stopped by to deliver a carefully curated mix of guests on our hard dance series, Paradigm shift. This fiery mix shows who they are and where they’re headed. It also gives fans a taste of what to expect from Project Z in addition to supporting the local artists the scene has come to know and love over the past few years.

For us, hard dance music is such a connective way of life, language and movement that we can all relate to. In the future, hard dance might look like something influenced by more genres of bass music, expanding its horizons and taking on sounds of drum and bass, dubstep and trap. We want to make an impact and declare that we are meant for this music and we are here to stay.


Turn up the volume on Paradigm Shift 006 and learn all about NTXC before their set at Project Z!

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