Ponsse launches the electric forest machine concept


Ponsse and Epec present the PONSSE EV1, a technological concept of an electric forest machine.

While the forest machine will be commercialized later, Epec’s technology can already be used in electric or hybrid electric utility vehicles and off-road mobile machinery. Ponsse’s technology concept is a glimpse into the future, paving the way for technological development and sustainable harvesting solutions.

The PONSSE EV1 concept was developed for forwarders with a load capacity of 15 tonnes, the most popular Ponsse forwarder size class. The concept machine features an all-electric powertrain, along with Epec’s power distribution unit and hybrid control unit. The machine’s powertrain runs entirely on battery power. The batteries are charged using a range extender, which is a combustion engine at this stage of development. Testing and development are continually progressing. This technology offers significant improvements in fuel economy in this size class.

The PONSSE EV1 is equipped with Epec Flow, Epec’s electromobility system solution. The solution is based on the Epec Flow Power Distribution Unit (PDU), to which electric motors, batteries and various devices can be connected. The PDU’s integrated safety solutions enable efficient manufacturing and maintenance of machines, as well as their operation in demanding conditions. The Epec Flow Hybrid Control Unit (HCU) controls the electric powertrain and includes software developed through simulations, enabling optimum energy consumption, productivity and usability.


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