Proof of Concept Trailer Teases a Young John McClane


Would you like to know what die hardwas John McClane before the events of the iconic first film? Well, writer Ben Trebilcook hopes to explore that and more with a package for a streaming TV series called McClane: Die hard 24/7and it comes with a “proof of concept” trailer exclusive to us at JoBlo.

Here is the official premise:

“In 1977, a fresh-faced, inexperienced John McClane checks into the NYPD.”

The series would look into the life and early years of McClane in the 70s. The trailer stars Jeremy Sande, Eric Buarque and Sylvia Crimm, and it is written and created by Ben Trebilcook, producing and directing duties. achievement by Brian Trainor. You can check out the trailer at the top of this story.

The concept of the series has an interesting history. It was originally developed with FX in 2007 (and later as a film directed by Len Wiseman), but it may have been ahead of its time. Streaming wasn’t a big player back then, but now various platforms have allowed shows like this to take off. Plus, nostalgia is a big selling point, and with the die hard franchise and the character of John McClane being so beloved, maybe now is the time for this series to happen.

The story has already been developed beyond its concept trailer, and there’s enough material to cover at least six seasons with a pilot episode written and ready.

The team behind the project also wants to involve Bruce Willis and his family. Willis may have had to retire due to health issues, but they believe die hard really is her baby, and they don’t want to do anything to taint that. Having the endorsement of John McClane himself would certainly go a long way. Ben developed it with Bruce in mind, to do a voiceover throughout the episodes and maybe even make an occasional guest appearance.

The director behind the project, Brian Trainor, also has an interesting pedigree. Hailing from Scotland, Trainor is associate producer of the upcoming documentary RoboDoc-The Creation of RoboCopand the series Cops and Monsters. The creative team behind it has the chops to give this series incredible potential.

Perhaps the best vote of confidence comes from Trainor himself. Speaking as a fan and as someone who respects the franchise and the man behind it:

“We all love Die Hard. We all love John McClane and we all love Bruce Willis. To see an iteration of this character that is nothing less than the perfection that Willis offers us in these films would be a bitter pill to swallow. A McClane’s show, possibly with some involvement with Bruce and his family, keeps Die Hard his own He can enjoy watching us tear it up on his behalf and is more than welcome, we’d love that. plus doing what he loved, still being John McClane and still doing Die Hard, in one form or another.

What do you think of this potential streaming series? Did you like the concept trailer?


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