Red Deer’s Downtown Identity Plan takes another step


“We are excited to share the Downtown Activation Handbook with council and the public,” said Tricia Hercina, Acting General Manager of Community Services. “We developed this plan alongside the community, and we believe it reflects a ‘made in Red Deer’ approach and considers all of the factors that make our community unique. »

The City says the Downtown Identity Plan Project aims to create a renewed identity for downtown Red Deer – one that resonates with Red Deer residents, businesses, visitors and investors and encourages them to visit, shop, work, live and invest in its commercial core. They confirm that this work has been recommended in the Downtown Investment Attraction Plan (DIAP) and the Downtown Residential Attraction Strategy, and also aligns with the board’s current strategic priorities.

“The Playbook defines what a vibrant downtown looks like for Red Deer and provides guidance for both the city and the community toward achieving it,” Hercina said. “While the Playbook lays the groundwork for a future vision of Downtown, the momentum for Downtown has already begun, with many initiatives – like Meet the Street, the Entertainment District and the Restroom Pilot Project from the city center – already underway.”

Developed between August 2021 and April 2022, the administration says the Playbook is intended to guide the city, stakeholders, and future place-making and community-promoting efforts to bolster downtown’s appeal. town. Each action in the Playbook identifies the role that the City could play, but also the other organizations and partners that could lead, support or implement the initiative. The budget for specific actions and initiatives will be considered as part of the city’s overall budget planning process, city officials said.

The administration confirms that the Playbook was developed with significant public input, through a process of engagement and downtown collaboration, consisting of interviews, workshops and an online questionnaire, gathering feedback from over 1,600 Red Deer residents of all ages. In the second phase, participants provided feedback on the Playbook’s emerging direction (vision, conditions for success, and flow of action) through a series of one-on-one interviews and presentations.

The next step in the downtown identity plan project is to develop a visual identity for the downtown core that conveys the vision, generates excitement and identifies the area as a unique place.


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