Replacement project moves forward as new bridge takes shape in Greenwich’s Bruce Park


GREENWICH – Construction of the new Davis Avenue bridge in Bruce Park has reached a milestone, with the new structure scheduled to reopen on September 1, according to the city’s Department of Public Works.

The project is expected to be completed next spring.

The predefined bridge unit of the bridge was set up and installed on August 2, the DPW said in a statement on Monday.

The original bridge was built in 1934 and had deteriorated, making replacement of the old span essential, the state determined. The DPW designed the project after inspectors called the bridge “functionally obsolete” and the Connecticut Department of Transportation lowered the load rating from 34 tonnes to 25 tonnes.

The Davis Avenue Bridge carries 4,000 to 6,000 vehicles per day, the DPW said. The bridge has three purposes: to support traffic on Davis Avenue, to retain water in Davis Mill Pond, and to allow water to drain into Indian Harbor.

According to the DPW, the bridge improvement project:

Correct existing structural and functional deficiencies of the old bridge.

Improve traffic flow and safety when crossing the bridge.

Widen the traffic lanes and the shoulders of the bridge.

Add 5ft shoulders which will make the bridge easier to use for cyclists.

Brand new pedestrian bridge.

Build new curbs and sidewalks near the bridge.

Improve runoff by installing additional drainage.

Eliminate the center pillar of the bridge to reduce clogged debris and flooding.

Build a fish ladder to give migrating fish a detour route to swim upstream.

Install new pavement and repaved markings on Davis Avenue near the bridge.

Hide utilities from public view.

Throughout the project, construction crews worked six days a week, according to the city. The reopening of the bridge and the completion of the project are dependent on weather conditions and any unforeseen complications, DPW said.

The building plans were prepared by Alfred Benesch & Company of Glastonbury. The contractor is A. Vitti Excavators from Stamford. City of Greenwich DPW Senior Civil Engineer Jason Kaufman is the project manager.

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