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SALEM — City Services Safety Director Joe Cappuzzello announced the city found a new supplier for the gas aggregation program at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The newly signed contract locks City in at 0.822 per CCF for 24 months. Program participants will first see the new price reflected in their January invoice, and the price will remain fixed until December 2024.

Cappuzzello explained that a temporary drop in prices on Monday and Tuesday, combined with the need to sign an agreement within 15 days for the new tariff to come into effect in time for winter, convinced him, with the advice of the city ​​gas broker, to agree to the new contract.

Cappuzzello also said that while many neighboring municipalities chose to enter into a hybrid agreement in which they would pay the standard choice for three to four months before switching to a lower fixed rate, the next months of December, January and February, which would fall as part of the standard choice in such an agreement, this is when most residents with gas heating will have 50-55% of their consumption for the entire year. For this reason, Cappuzzello wanted to ensure that residents had a fixed rate during these peak months.

While this deal is likely to provide residents with significant savings, with the rate rising to 1.14 by CCF on Wednesday and likely to continue to rise, Cappuzzello continues to encourage residents to visit, saying “It’s the department’s recommendation that people continue to check for themselves, and if they can find a better deal to take it, and do what’s best for them financially.”

Those who have not found a private supplier will soon receive a letter informing them of the change and offering them the option of opting out of the gas aggregation program. Those who wish to remain in the program need not do anything, as they will automatically be enrolled at the new rate.

Those who have secured a private provider can re-enroll in the aggregation program if they wish and can contact City Hall at 330-332-4241 and ask the department’s security director for guidance on their specific situation.

The council also passed an ordinance adjusting wages, salaries and benefits for city employees.

Other business included resolutions authorizing Cappuzzello to enter into a contract for the city’s electrical aggregation program on behalf of the council, with the current contract expiring in December; and to purchase paper leaf bags for the city’s annual leaf collection program, which can be picked up at City Hall Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to noon, starting at October.

The Salem City Council will then meet at 7 p.m. on October 4.

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