Second investment strategy for cycling and walking – July 2022


In 2017, the government published the first-ever mandatory investment strategy for cycling and walking (CWIS1), which covered the period between 2016 and 2021.

The first report to Parliament on the implementation of the strategy and progress towards achieving its objectives was published in February 2020. Much has changed since then, including the publication of Gear change: a bold vision for cycling and walking in summer 2020, and the new commitment of £2bn of additional funding during this Parliament – the largest amount of dedicated spending ever committed to increasing walking and cycling in England.

To date we have created Active Travel England, led by Chris Boardman, and are providing local authorities with funding to set up 134 world-class schemes to develop new walkways, cycleways and crosswalks across the England.

Today (July 6, 2022), I am publishing the second regulatory investment strategy for cycling and walking (CWIS2), which covers the period between 2021 and 2025. The strategy includes new and updated targets, including doubling cycling, increasing walking levels in the community and walking to school, while also defining the funding in place to achieve them.

It includes the projection that a total of nearly £4billion will be invested in walking and cycling over the CWIS2 period – offering new and improved walking and cycling routes across England and behavior change programmes.

At the same time, I am tabling in Parliament the second report to Parliament on the progress made in the implementation CWIS1. This shows that notable progress has been made in the implementation of the 26 actions described in CWIS1including the implementation of the Cycle Ambition Cities program and a range of behavior change programs.

He also points out that more than twice as many funds were invested in walking and cycling programs during the CWIS1 period than originally planned when CWIS1 was released in 2017. It also outlines the progress we’ve made on other measures, including those in the Gear Change plan.

Both CWIS2 and the report to Parliament are publicly available online on the GOV.UK website. A copy of CWIS2 will be deposited in the libraries of the two Chambers.


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