Second public meeting for the airport project today in Karauli Bangar | News from Noida

Greater Noida: The public meeting for the second phase of the Noida International Airport project will be held on Tuesday morning in the village of Nagla Hukum Singh. The team, which carried out a social impact assessment study with administrative officials, will collect comments from the villagers.
As part of the Karauli Bangar gram sabha, residents of Nagla Hukum Singh settlement oppose the idea of ​​resettlement. The administration started the public hearing process from November 1 by organizing the first two meetings in Mundhera and Birampur. Another meeting was held in the village of Kureb on Monday morning.
The last three meetings have been “positive” according to administrative officials, the majority of villagers agreeing to the idea of ​​giving up their land for the development of the second phase. The six-member SIA team from Gautam Buddha Nagar University awaits the planned fourth meeting at an intercollegiate in Karauli Bangar on Tuesday morning.
The villagers held their panchayat on Sunday and another meeting on Monday and decided to oppose the idea of ​​resettlement. Nanak Bhagel and Rakesh Balmiki are two of these farmers. “We will give written representation to the authorities and demand to change the alignment of the second phase boundary,” Bhagel said.

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