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MUNICH, Germany, November 09, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), one of the world’s leading innovators in LED technology, has announced that its SunLike series natural spectrum LEDs, which implement light that closely matches the spectrum of sunlight, have been adopted by biOrb for its new innovative Vivariums.

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biOrb EARTH is a fully automatic Vivarium that features Seoul Semiconductor’s latest SunLike LED technology (Photo: Business Wire)

biOrb Vivariums (from Oase) has created an innovative and original approach that allows reptile enthusiasts to recreate their own small biome. Recent research shows that one of the most important aspects in recreating a natural habitat is the quality of the light used, after millions of years of evolution, full spectrum light is an important part of the good -being of the animal, until now this was impossible to achieve. But now, with Sunlike, reptiles and plants are thriving and the hobbyist can see their world as nature intended, in all its vitality.

With SunLike series natural spectrum LEDs, the luminaires are designed to bring out the natural color tones of objects by achieving a weaker blue light peak, similar to the spectral curve of sunlight, which allows to reduce scattered reflections and glare and also provides healthy and comfortable light, improving the living environment and displaying colors and textures more accurately with CRI 97 and TM30 = 100.

There has been a significant increase in research activity on the relationship between light and human and animal biofunctions, including a recent scientific study focused on the effects of the light spectrum on sleep quality, visual comfort, well-being. be general and daytime vigilance; encompassing the interaction of visual and non-visual light on humans, plants and animals. The study, published in the Journal of Lighting & Research Technology on March 24, 2019, found “evidence that daylight [natural spectrum] The LED solution has beneficial effects on visual comfort, daytime alertness, mood and sleep intensity in healthy volunteers. “

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike series natural spectrum LEDs have two beneficial effects over conventional LEDs for animals. There is the right amount of 490nm cyan wavelength to stimulate them during the day and it doesn’t There is no blue energy at night to calm and prepare animals for sleep like the true day / night cycle, ”said Oliver Schaefer, executive vice president Europe at Seoul Semiconductor.“ We have more and more customers interested in SunLike technology because, thanks to scientists, we are discovering new applications every day “he adds.

SunLike Series LEDs are state-of-the-art technology that has achieved the highest level of eye safety certification from the International Commission on Illumination as a safe light source without photobiological hazards.

Released in June 2017, SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs are an advanced light source that combines the latest in optical and compound semiconductor technology from Seoul Semiconductor with TRI-R from Toshiba Materials.® Technology. TRI-R, supported by Toshiba Materials, finds its original concept in the definition “Light closest to the sun for human well-being”. The solar light spectrum is developed by the same company and can be reproduced by white LED light source technology. TRI-R is a registered trademark of Toshiba Materials Co., LTD.

About biOrb

Since 1999, biOrb has stood for innovation. Initially designing aquariums that are easy to own and more recently, terrariums and now vivariums.

Today, biOrb is owned by the German manufacturer OASE. The name OASE is synonymous with spectacular fountains and “state of the art” equipment and services. Founded in 1949, OASE is today the market leader in the fountain technology industry. Our innovative products are designed for long life with maximum reliability and ease of maintenance and our support and service is the best in the industry. Based in Germany, OASE understands the importance of a local presence for customers. We believe it is important to support our customers wherever they are. With 13 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the United States and a network of certified local partners, we provide our customers with fast, reliable and efficient after-sales service in their native language when and where it is needed.

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor develops and markets LEDs for the automotive, general lighting, specialty lighting and backlighting markets. As the second largest LED manufacturer in the world except for the captive market, Seoul Semiconductor holds more than 14,000 patents, offers a wide range of technologies and mass produces innovative LED products such as SunLike, offering the best quality. light to the world in a new generation LED. enable human-centered lighting optimized for circadian rhythms; WICOP – a simpler structured package-free LED that delivers market-leading color uniformity and luminaire cost savings, delivering high light density and design flexibility; NanoDriver Series – the world’s smallest 24W DC LED drivers; Acrich, the world’s first high-voltage alternating current LED technology developed in 2005, comprising all AC LED technologies from chip to module and circuit manufacturing, and nPola, a new LED product based on the technology of GaN substrate that reaches more than ten times the power of conventional LEDs. UCD is an extended color gamut display that provides over 90% of NTSC. For more information, please visit

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