Podium Pictures will distribute these documentaries worldwide on a free platform as a mental health resource, rather than restricting access behind a paywall. In order to raise the $12 million necessary to achieve this goal through their nonprofit social impact foundation Podium Society, the producers seek the support of wealthy philanthropists and the broader fan base who seek to support mental health initiatives. Key to this fundraising strategy is their partnership with where donors have the opportunity to donate appreciated assets for significant tax benefits. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Podium and Donatestock are teaming up $1 million in donations to Podium Society, for all gifts, including stocks, cash and crypto. To learn more, visit:

The new projects will continue the conversation started by ‘The Weight of Gold’, released by HBO in 2020. This film, directed by Rapkin and produced in partnership with the Olympic legend Michael Phelps, sparked a national dialogue on mental health by telling stories told through the eyes of Olympic athletes sharing a crucial message: It’s okay to be unwell. The film’s incredible presence culminated when mental health issues took center stage through the struggles of several top athletes at the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. “The impact of the weight of gold also inspired the creation of The Podium Society, a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to securing the resources needed to produce and distribute many other social impact sports projects.

As the next chapter in the conversation, three projects are already in pre-production:

  • ‘Dinners With DeMar’ with DeRozan – a digital series where ‘nothing is on the table’ as the mental health advocate breaks bread and opens up to other athletes and influencers
  • Beyond NASCAR’s massive audience, Earnhardt Jr. and some of the world’s greatest drivers will explore the mental health stigma in America’s heartland through their own stories in this deeply personal and revealing documentary;
  • A documentary film with Miller focuses on mental health issues, including high suicide rates, and promising solutions in the Rocky Mountain region, home to many of America’s greatest athletes in a wide variety of sports.

“One in five Americans suffers from a mental health issue each year, but more than half don’t get help,” Rapkin says. “‘The Weight of Gold’ was just the beginning of our mission to break the stigma. Now we’re back to finish the job. Each film will explore the challenges and, more importantly, the solutions created in countless areas of, and our ultimate goal is to make films accessible, free of charge, to a global audience.The global mental health crisis knows no barriers – it can affect anyone in any region or any socio-economic station – and we truly believe that conversation should be available and accessible to everyone.”


Brett Rapkin is an Emmy Award-winning innovative writer/producer/director. Over the past twenty years, Brett has created a strong track record and top-tier relationships by successfully developing, producing, distributing and promoting premium content with partners ranging from HBO to Los Angeles Dodgers. The impact of his 2020 HBO documentary “The Weight of Gold” inspired Brett to focus Podium exclusively on being the global leader in social impact sports media. Brett is a frequent guest on athlete-focused media-themed interviews and has appeared on Forbes, CNN, NPR, The New York Times and many other places. He is the father of two young children and lives in his hometown Los Angeles.


Podium Pictures is an Emmy-winning media company based in Los Angeles, California. Over the past twenty years, Podium has consistently helped partners like HBO, NFL, MLB, Olympic Channel, MGM, Fox Sports, Amazon and The Los Angeles Dodgers make an impact. Podium was recently named one of three “2021 Trendsetters” by Sports Business Journal along with NBA legends production companies Chris Paul and james lebron. Podium is the first media company entirely dedicated to creating and strategically distributing impactful sports stories that inspire positive change.


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