St. Cloud VA embracing whole health concept


(KNSI) – Dr. Sean O’Mara joined KNSI’s Bob Hughes Monday morning for Veterans Affairs, discussing the idea of ​​”Comprehensive Health.”

O’Mara says that before you can make the right lifestyle changes, you need to understand the benefits of doing so, or they won’t stick. He says the concept takes root when he focuses on incremental, day-to-day changes in behavior.

“It starts with an attitude of mind and then it helps you make better decisions throughout the day and throughout the week that begin to align your body to where it should be to achieve goals. that are important to you Your lifestyle… what you want to be able to do better, how you want to enjoy life more.

He uses a personal example to make his point.

“I released a video last week. I shared it on social media and woke up this morning and lo and behold it had 2,000,000 views. It was a video of me and my identical twin brother while we had been apart for five years I had turned over and was healthy, and that is a remarkable difference between the two [of us.]”

Whole Health is a goal-oriented approach to care. It is centered on discovering what is important to each veteran. O’Mara says most want to maintain their physical health as they age to maximize time with family.

O’Mara says cutting out processed foods is one of the most important steps to becoming healthier. Less bread and more products, meat and dairy products. He says a good tip is to shop around the edges at the grocery store rather than the center aisles.


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