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I’m always a fan of when companies drop a nice collection of themed collectibles, and Disney is well known for that. So many events and celebrations take place at Disney Parks, and attendees reap the rewards. We were lucky enough to attend the Dinsey Parks panel at Star Wars Celebration, and they teased many collectibles to come. We’ve already seen two collections coming soon to Disney with the Star Wars Vintage Toy Collection and Tatooine Tourist. However, that wasn’t all, as another collection was revealed during the Disney Parks Star Wars Celebration panel. This new collection draws inspiration from the Star Wars creation story with the Star Wars Concept Series line!

by Ralph McQuarrie the art set the stage for what would become Star Wars, and his art and creations are once again celebrated. The Concept Series will include an assortment of clothing pieces featuring Concept character designs as well as storyboard concepts. A classic Starkiller vs. Darth Vader print will also be released, and this design has always been a hit. Disney has revealed that a nice assortment of collectibles will also be releasing for the Star Wars Concept Series. Funko will exclusively release two Concept Pops featuring Darth Vader and a C-3PO featuring R2-D2.

Mattel also joins the party as Disney introduced the Star Wars Concept Series line of vehicles. Five concept ships return, with the original design for each with the X-Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon, Landspeeder, TIE Fighter and Star Destroyer. All ships are packed with detail and will be a great addition to your Ralph McQuarrie collection. Finally, the last reveal Disney gave us was a big one with a Star Wars: The Black Series Concept Series 2-Pack coming from Hasbro. This Disney Parks and shopDisney exclusive gives us a 6″ concept of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader in all their glory. It’s a fantastic set, and if you like McQuarrie’s art, it’s a must. This Vader is amazing, and I wonder if a solo version or more concept versions will be on the way, I imagine some of them will be shared with shopDisney (here), and be on the lookout for this new collection coming out at the end of this year.

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