Ston cable car planned on Podzvizd hill with EU funds


December 28, 2021 – Is a Ston cable car in the cards to bring more visitors to the destination in the years to come? To look closer.

The 2020 budget was adopted at the Ston City Council meeting. As a result, many projects are being prepared for the new programming period, financed by European Union funds, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

One is the funicular, or cable car, up to Podzvizd hill. The project would give Ston one of Dubrovnik’s most popular tourist attractions, which brings in a lot of money every year.

Local mayor Vedran Antunica (HDZ) spoke about the status of the cable car project.

“When the Podzvizd Fortress is being renovated, which offers a breathtaking view, it would be good to bring it closer to our customers. However, if you have something beautiful and it is not available for more people, then there is none of that, “the mayor said and added:

“Recording a report on the ascent of the walls of Ston, our famous mountaineer Stipe Božić once said that he had not experienced such an unforgettable sight of Podzvizd, except for Ston, to the south and north of Pelješac His statement gave rise to the idea of ​​our funicular.

The first condition of this project is to modify the municipal development plan, which must be harmonized with the department. A public debate is underway.

It is a process, from idea to realization. It takes a little longer because you have to do an environmental impact study and a conceptual design in addition to the economic analysis.

For the reconstruction of the Podzvizd fortress, which is being carried out by the Society of Friends of Antiquities of Dubrovnik, an archaeological study and part of the project documentation have been prepared, ”emphasizes Antunica.

“In the spatial plan, we have defined the area, and whether it will be a cable car or a funicular on similar rails in Zagreb, we will see. Experts will decide.

And the Conservatives approved the idea in principle. One of the ideas is that the starting station is towards Hodilj, and the descent above Mali Ston, so as not to disturb the view on Ston ”, declared the head of the municipality.

Antunica replied that it is difficult to predict when this will materialize.

“We will try to apply for EU funds for the project because it is a huge amount of money,” said the mayor and added that other councilors accepted this idea as good:

“This project will improve the whole area, not just for the municipality of Ston. Who could be against it? It will also bring new jobs. If it is half as successful as Dubrovnik, that will be great.”

Local councilor Slobodan Pavlović (Movement for the Fatherland) says that “the location of the funicular to Hodilj was missed and it would be a waste of money as there are no views there”.

“A bad location would be a complete failure of such a project. So what is most important when building something? The location !

Why is the Dubrovnik cable car attractive? Because, when you get into the cabin, you get a nice view of the city as you drive towards Srđ ”, underlined the advisor, and concluded:

“This is the reason why tourists rush to the cable car, and not just to the top. This should happen in Ston, where on one side you have a view of Ston, the saltworks and Mljet, and on the other side Mali. Ston, Mali Ston Bay, the islands and all the beauty of this part of our municipality. “

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