Student Leader’s Idea Leads to Honor Club at Wyckoff


WYCKOFF, NJ – “Think you’ve got what it takes? Join us today” – these words appear on the flyer promoting the Wyckoff School District’s first and only chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

Eisenhower Middle School features a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, the nation’s premier organization created to recognize outstanding middle school students and to develop well-rounded student leaders.

The idea for a chapter was raised by seventh-grade student Isabella Van Slooten, who will join other qualified students under the guidance of faculty advisor Philip DiMichele to launch the new initiative.

“I wanted to bring this club to Eisenhower College because I had heard about it from my friends in nearby towns and thought it would be a great addition to EMS,” Van Slooten said, adding that the NJHS offers scholarships, develops character and stimulates a desire. to serve others.

In order to establish the society, she pitched the idea to manager Brian Faehndrich, who asked the staff in October if someone would be willing to oversee this new club/organization.

After speaking with her, Councilman DiMechele agreed to start the chapter, he said.

“I thought this was the perfect opportunity as a new teacher myself in the district to take over,” said DiMechele, who is in her first year teaching at EMS.

The NJHS EMS Chapter will work with other clubs and organizations to carry out community service projects and create its own community service project.

“What this chapter will do for the school,” DiMichele said, “is help students realize their greatest potential and become true leaders within the school and the community.”

In order to become a member, students will be determined by a faculty council based on four distinct categories: scholarship (minimum 90% in classes or 3.7 GPA out of 4.0) service (15 hours of community service), leadership (students may hold some type of leadership position and will write about it) and character (where they will receive two letters of recommendation from teachers or other adults who know the student).

“We believe EMS students have already exemplified these characteristics and will continue to be members of the community through their service,” DiMichele added.

A first meeting of interest for the club is scheduled for October 26, where DiMichele will go over the requirements.

“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and interest from my peers,” Van Slooten said. “I expect a great year.”


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