Studio Series 86 Hot Rod Design Concepts by Evan Brooks


Hasbro designer Evan Brooks @naveskoorb on Instagram has more to share behind the scenes of the wonderful Studio Series 86 toy creations. Today he shares the fan-favorite Studio Series 86 figure with a look at the Hot Rod 86 04. Read the suite to see his notes on how the figure was developed and more.

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s livestream! Mark, Rachel and Isabella present some fantastic products to come!

Then we have the SS86 Hotrod! I’ll admit this figure was pretty much completely crafted by the time I joined the team, so all the praise goes to Yuya Onishi for truly setting a new standard for Transformer figures. I think that figure is absolutely brilliant and bringing it up to a VOY scale allowed the extra engineering and accessories to really make it stand out.

So, those yellow pieces on top! Yes, they hurt. They had to be PA plastic due to the flexibility of those hinges and it’s not a type of plastic we can paint. Its giant wing fin was in the same mold, so we were locked in to that color. We didn’t have room to move the parts around in different molds due to the type of material they had to be.

The other thing I’m sure you’re all wondering about is the rest of her colors and I can definitely speak to that!

Before going into final production, we have a big team meeting where we all get together and look at the numbers and the deco before approving them. During the presentation of this article and the first wave of kingdom, there were rumblings from the upper management. The original colors shown were pure magenta and that shocked some people a bit. The reaction is understandable, every classic Hotrod toy has been a variation of red. There was back and forth, references shown on both sides as to what colors it should be and that’s how it ended.

I was still so new to the team that my voice didn’t carry much weight even showing clips from the 86 movie. I think there was still some confusion as to what this SS86 line was supposed to be , but I’m happy to say that was the only time this sort of thing happened. Granted, Kingdom Cheetor and Megatron also changed colors in this reunion…which was just weird…but that’s the life of the company.

Anyway, as I said before, this number is just amazing and really took the engineering of a transformer to the next level. Takara Tomy has outdone himself, but what do you all think? Let me know and I’ll reveal more SS86s behind the scenes!


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