TARJA TURUNEN’s OUTLANDERS project releases new single “Land of Sea and Sun” featuring MARTY FRIEDMAN


FOREIGNERSis the name of the new project created by the Finnish soprano legend Tarja Turunen (NIGHT) and EDM pioneer Torsten Stenzel.

With “Land of sea and sun, FOREIGNERS are on their fifth single! The new song, with MARTY FRIEDMAN as a special guest on guitar, is now available. Listen HERE.

Antigua is more or less the birthplace of FOREIGNERS and the locals affectionately call it “Land of sea and sun.” Inspired by the title name and with the sights, sounds and smells of Antigua in mind, Tarja approached songwriting differently this time, becoming the island of Antigua herself to tell the story in song.

“Land of Sea and Sun” is the fifth of eight singles and is also available on limited edition 7″ vinyl exclusively on Tarjafrom the online store and digitally on earMUSIC.


Land of Sea and Sun (Feat. Marty Friedman)


Land of Sea and Sun Demo

So what kind is FOREIGNERS? The answer is simple: it is a musical genre in its own right, since classifying FOREIGNERS for any pre-existing genre would be a fruitless enterprise. Tarjathe vision of FOREIGNERS is to create something fresh and new. FOREIGNERS combine relaxing and exciting electronic rhythms with Tarjathe soulful voice of classically trained, as well as unique guitar performances. These three elements are a constant in all songs.

Some participants understand Al DiMeola, Joe Satriani, Jennifer Latte, Steve Rothery, mike oldfield, Walter Giardino, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Vernon Reidand Marty Friedman.

Recorded and mixed primarily on the Caribbean island of Antigua over the past 10 years, the sounds of FOREIGNERS are mystical. They are soft and powerful; catchy and dreamy; modern yet vintage — all at the same time. Their music is about opposites magically attracting and the three aesthetic pillars come together to create a unique and singular sound.


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