Tensions rise with next phase of NYC vaccination mandate



Still, firefighters’ resistance was underscored when six New York City firefighters were relieved of their duties and left with possible penalties after going to a state senator’s office on Friday, confronting members of her staff with the town’s immunization mandate and asking for her home address.

State Senator Zellnor Myrie said he was not present when they arrived at his office in the morning. But staff members told him that firefighters, who were members of Ladder 113 in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn, said the warrant would lead to a reduction in emergency services in the city – and that the those responsible are said to have “blood on their hands.”

What to know about Covid-19 booster injections

The FDA has cleared booster shots for millions of recipients of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna beneficiaries who are eligible for a recall include people 65 years of age and older and young adults at high risk of severe Covid-19 due to medical conditions or their workplace. Eligible Pfizer and Moderna beneficiaries may receive a booster at least six months after their second dose. All Johnson & Johnson recipients will be eligible for a second injection at least two months after the first.

Yes. The FDA has updated its clearances to allow medical providers to boost people with a different vaccine than the one they originally received, a strategy known as “mix and match.” Whether you have received Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or Pfizer-BioNTech, you may receive a booster of any other vaccine. Regulators have not recommended any vaccine over another as a booster. They have also remained silent on whether it is best to stick to the same vaccine when possible.

The CDC said the conditions that qualify a person for a booster shot include: hypertension and heart disease; diabetes or obesity; cancer or blood disorders; weakened immune system; chronic lung, kidney or liver disease; dementia and some disabilities. Pregnant women and current and former smokers are also eligible.

The FDA has cleared the boosters for workers whose work puts them at high risk of exposure to potentially infectious people. The CDC says this group includes: emergency medical workers; education workers; food and agricultural workers; manufacturing workers; correctional workers; workers in the US postal service; public transport workers; employees of grocery stores.

Yes. The CDC says the Covid vaccine can be given regardless of the timing of other vaccines, and many pharmacy websites allow people to schedule a flu shot along with a booster dose.

Mr Myrie said his staff were “shocked” by the experience and called the actions of the firefighters “highly inappropriate”. Daniel A. Nigro, the fire marshal, said in a statement that firefighters would be disciplined.

“This is a highly inappropriate act on the part of the serving members of this department who should only be concerned with responding to emergencies and helping New Yorkers and not harassing an elected official and his staff,” Daniel A. Nigro, the fire marshal, said in a statement. A declaration.

A union representing firefighters did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Additionally, Police Commissioner Dermot F. Shea said thousands of people in his department have filed exemption requests, which can be filed for medical or religious reasons. He said those who had done so by Wednesday would be allowed to work until their application was considered, provided they undergo weekly tests.

The coming week continued to be uncertain. Firefighters said they expected up to 20 percent of fire stations to be closed; Joe Borelli, member of the Republican City Council who represents part of Staten Island, wrote on Twitter Friday that five stations in Manhattan and the Bronx had already been closed.

And New Yorkers in parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn have started reporting delays in garbage collection and the buildup of garbage in their neighborhoods which officials say could continue due to staff shortages. .

“We are certainly seeing this problem in parts of the city,” de Blasio said on Thursday, “and it is unacceptable.”



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