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From Barry Neufeld to Molson Coors to Fairy Creek, from flooding to fires to COVID, here’s a look at some of the most popular local stories that have appeared on The Progress of Chilliwack website in 2021.

1. The body of the missing 23-year-old mother of Chilliwack found

The body of Shaelene Keeler Bell was found on June 2 in the Fraser River near Coquitlam, more than four months after her disappearance on January 30 in Chilliwack.

2. COLUMN: Women are afraid, and they may have the right to be

Opinion piece by journalist Jessica Peters after more than one local woman went missing in early 2021.

3. RCMP Says Missing Women Cases in Chilliwack and Elsewhere Unrelated

Following Shaelene Bell’s disappearance from our 2021 Most Read Story, and Jessica Peters’ column on it, the third most read story of the year was about the RCMP’s response to people on social media. jumping to conclusions on missing women.

4. Well-known homeless man from Chilliwack says “thank you” to firefighters for building him a shelter

‘James’ was a homeless man recognized by many who saw him for years, most recently sleeping on Vedder Road, on the sidewalk outside the BC Liquor Store in Sardis. Then the firefighters of Chilliwack built him a wooden structure to protect him from the freezing winter elements.

5. A school counselor from Chilliwack asked his peers to quit and lights a cigarette in a meeting

Barry Neufeld, a member of the Chilliwack Education Board of Directors, lit a cigarette at a public meeting after a closed meeting in which the board asked Neufeld to resign for repeated unprofessional behavior and sectarian comments.

6. Shooting kills two after murder-suicide in Chilliwack

A woman and a man were found dead as a result of a murder-suicide at a townhouse complex on Watson Road near Watson Primary School on April 15.

7. Complaints arise about the appearance of the Molson Coors Fraser Valley Brewery site

Landscaping seemed a bit barren around the Molson Coors Fraser Valley brewery site in Chilliwack, but the company has promised more beautification efforts will be coming in the spring.

8. The anti-vaccine leaflet distributed to the residents of Chilliwack does not come from the local MP

A number of residents complained Progress about a yellow double-sided flyer received on or around November 26 which some people say was from Strahl. But no, the anti-vaxxer flyer filled with conspiracy theories doesn’t come from Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl.

9. Serious apartment fire in downtown Chilliwack

The Chilliwack Fire Department fought a large fire at the Newmark apartment complex on Victor Street on September 3. At the end of the year, the building was still under repair.

10. On the same day, a well-known homeless man from Chilliwack had a shelter built, he was taken to hospital.

James was in our top 10 twice in 2021. Focusing more on him after the Chilliwack Fire Department built him a structure, Fraser Health intervened and the man was taken to Chilliwack General Hospital. for evaluation.

11. Body of a man in his twenties found under the Menzies Bridge in Chilliwack

RCMP were at the scene on Menzies Street in Chilliwack where a body was found under the bridge over the Hope Slough. The body was that of a man in his early twenties and his death was not considered suspicious.

12. Mother of Missing Chilliwack Woman Pleads Public

Shaelene Bell’s mother has appealed for the public’s help in locating her daughter. Alina Durham spoke to media on the afternoon of February 2 regarding her 23-year-old daughter, who was reported missing on Saturday, January 30.

“Shaelene left her two little boys at home with a friend,” Durham said, voice broken. “Anyone who knows Shae knows that she will never, ever give up on her boys.”

13. Province closes Highway 1 at Abbotsford due to rising waters

Highway 1 was closed on November 15 in Abbotsford as police reported around 5:30 p.m. floodwaters breached the road east of Whatcom Road. The closure was necessary due to the rising waters of the Sumas River and was in both directions between Sumas Way (Highway 11) and No. 3 Road.

14. “Wild ride” for the first baby of 2021 born at Chilliwack General Hospital

Arriving in the world 23 hours after 2021, Dylan Mikael Ondevilla was late enough to be Chilliwack’s New Years baby, but was actually four days earlier than expected.

15. Chilliwack Church Pastor Convicted of Accessing Child Pornography

The former executive pastor of Main Street Church has been convicted of access to and possession of child pornography. Sitting in the front row of the courtroom, John Vermeer showed no reaction when Judge Andrea Ormiston read the guilty verdict on April 30.

16. Anxious Chilliwack Shoppers Empty Grocery Store Shelves

While many Chilliwackians flocked to gas pumps on November 16, many more flocked to grocery stores for their supplies. With the closure of Highway 1 to the west, residents feared food would run out and panic shopping saw customers emptying shelves.

17. The IOI investigates a man shot dead by police near the Vedder River in Chilliwack

A man shot dead by police on January 12 after an alleged domestic dispute was seriously injured and the British Columbia Bureau of Independent Investigations has launched an investigation. Shortly after 7:00 a.m. that day, Chilliwack RCMP responded to a complaint about a man threatening and injuring a woman inside a house. The woman escaped and the man also left the property but continued to send “messages and threats regarding”. David Bardwell has been charged with four offenses and is due to stand a four-day trial starting June 22, 2022.

18. 140-year heat record broken in Chilliwack on Saturday

The scorching heat of June 26 was the hottest day on record in Chilliwack, at a sweltering temperature of 40.9 C. Records for the community go back 140 years, to 1881. In all those years, the hottest day on record before was July 29, 2009, when it reached 38.3 C. This record was broken on June 27 and again on June 28 when the mercury reached 43 C.

19. Three dead now after RCMP attempted to stop a vehicle in the wrong direction on Highway 1 in Chilliwack

A head-on collision on Highway 1 in Chilliwack claimed the lives of two people fleeing police and an innocent correctional officer on his way to work at Mountain Institution in Agassiz. Because the driver was fleeing from the police, an investigation was launched by British Columbia’s Independent Investigations Office, a police oversight body.

20. Chilliwack Realtor reported missing in car crash in Texas

A Chilliwack real estate agent who was in Texas for a football game and was reported missing has died in a fatal car crash. Aaron Tschritter and another man died in an early morning accident when the vehicle they were in struck a utility pole on November 25 on the Good Latimer Expressway in Dallas, Texas.

21. North America’s Longest Chilliwack Pump Track Nearly Completed

The largest pump runway in North America, located in Chilliwack, was nearing completion in January. The freshly installed asphalt track goes up and down imitating the surrounding Cascade Range. Artificial turf was also installed with a tunnel / bridge function.

22. New travel restrictions mean Fraser Health leaves Hope behind

It’s the junction of three highways, the gateway east into BC’s interior and west into the Lower Mainland, but what place does Hope rightfully belong to? A government spokesperson said in April that the decision to integrate Hope into the Interior and Northern Health Region was recommended by provincial health officer Dr Bonnie Henry.

23. Still looking for a 22-year-old missing near the Fraser River in Chilliwack on Monday

More than a day after friends, family and emergency responders searched for a missing young man on the banks of the Fraser River, there was no record of him. Jess Austin Nadin, 22, was dropped off by a relative at the river to go fishing at Ballam Road around 10:30 a.m. on September 13. His body was found just over a week later.

24. Chilliwack resident angry after Canada Post employee leaves community mailbox unlocked

A resident of Chilliwack was disturbed by what he called “an unbelievably shoddy job” by a Canada Post employee. Neil Davis lives in a complex on Evans Road. The resort’s community mailbox is on Evans Road and has been left unlocked more than once.

25. Chilliwack man returning from Fairy Creek: “The RCMP brutalized us but the loggers were worse”

Josue Anderson, 31, returned home in late September after logging blockades in Fairy Creek “filled with gratitude” that the court injunction granted in April to private logging company Teal Jones was not extended. He spent a week at the protest site near Port Renfrew, actively defending what has been called the last intact stand of old growth forest on Vancouver Island.

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