The AAKOMA project launches a new extension: “Team AAKOMA”



The AAKOMA team is an extension of the AAKOMA project to better support the mental health of BIPOC and marginalized youth

ARLINGTON, Virginia., October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, The AAKOMA Project announced the launch of its latest new branding and extension, Team AAKOMA. The goal of this team is to help AAKOMA orient their program and enable them to ensure that the messages they convey and the treatments they offer resonate deeply with BIPOC and marginalized youth.

Much of AAKOMA’s work is to educate young people of color and their caregivers to recognize and value mental health, while empowering them to seek help and manage mental health. , and influence systems and services to receive and meet their needs. Additionally, AAKOMA strives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health care through its patient-centered research and encourages young people to strike up their own conversations with their families and peers.

From the start, AAKOMA has always worked on maintaining relationships with BIPOC intersectional youth counselors (including LGTBQI + and Handicapés). These people have helped lead mindfulness meditations, curate adolescent mental health content on social media, contribute research findings, and help AAKOMA disseminate their research findings to their own peers. The AAKOMA team will serve as a formal extension of the AAKOMA project for these young people, who want to continue to be advocates for mental health in our society.

The AAKOMA team will be made up of 12 diverse adolescents (ages 12-18) who are passionate about mental health and believe that everyone deserves #OptimalMentalHealth. They will be creative, energetic, and have a desire to shape mental health messages with their audiences and peers. Members will have the opportunity to work directly with AAKOMA Project Board members and community collaborators such as: Starbucks and Harry’s Shave Club. While simultaneously representing the AAKOMA project in the digital space, helping to develop and disseminate marketing materials, and collaborating on new events with influencer and celebrity partners.

My enthusiasm for launching our AAKOMA team, from our beginnings with a small core of believers until today where we reach young people across the United States and 6 countries, is unprecedented.“said the founder of the AAKOMA project, Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble. “I am deeply grateful to my team, our Board of Directors, teen collaborators, partners, community and friends for their help in bringing us to this critical and timely launch.. ”

To support the AAKOMA project and learn more about the AAKOMA team, please visit: For media inquiries, please contact: Samantha rucobo at 704.456.5644 or [email protected].

About the AAKOMA project: At the AAKOMA project, our founder’s vision is a world where EVERY child, adolescent and young adult (including all points of diversity) feels the freedom to live shamelessly and authentically in an environment that allows them to rise up and blossom. For this reason, AAKOMA supports BIPOC and the mental health of marginalized adolescents, young adults and their families through dialogue, genuine and equitable engagement in communities and with the understanding that everyone deserves #optimal health. AAKOMA is a multigenerational team of dedicated individuals who create scientific knowledge leading to positive behavior change and implement that science using community-engaged and culturally fluid practices.


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