The Mandalorian would have “reused” the concepts of Star Wars 1313


A game developer claims that The Mandalorian and Boba’s Book fett would have taken ideas from Star wars 1313.

After some new gameplay footage from star wars 1313 online leak On Wednesday, game developer Grant Parker took the time to comment on the long canceled star wars project.

“Lots of great early-stage concepts [Star Wars 1313] has been repurposed and used in The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book“says Parker on Twitter. “I was so happy that the last episode even had a meat locker with Tauntaun in it.”

Parker, who works as a designer at Insomniac Games on proprietary Sony titles like Ratchet & Clank Rift aside and Marvel’s Wolverines, was thrilled to see his old works resurface in the most unlikely places. Who would not be with what popularity The Mandalorian is!

“I did some early pre-pro work on a bar in this section and some of the planning for a meat plant (you see the Tauntaun hanging carcasses),” Parker said. on Twitter. “It was the first pro-level design job I’ve ever done. It was very important to me. Glad to see it again.

The most of star wars 1313 disappeared years ago as a result its cancellation in 2013. Parker doesn’t elaborate much on what those raised concepts might be, but it’s an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GL HF.


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