This awesome iPhone Fold concept might actually be close to the real thing


September’s Apple event was filled with massive announcements, but not many surprises. Leaks spoil virtually every major smartphone release these days, and aside from the Dynamic Island, the iPhone 14 lineup was completely spoiled before its reveal.

Despite the abundance of leaks, fans still hope for bombshells every time Tim Cook takes the stage. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t unveil the long-talked-about foldable iPhone at the event, but a concept artist recently decided to take matters into their own hands and design their own incredibly believable foldable iPhone.

A day before Apple’s September event, concept and VFX artist Michal Dufka shared his vision for a foldable iPhone on Behance. The iPhone iFold, as it calls it, is inspired by the clamshell design of the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr.

The iPhone iFold concept in action. Image source: Michal Dufka

Like other foldable clamshell phones, Dufka’s foldable iPhone has a small cover screen and a larger screen inside. Dufka seems to have essentially copied and pasted the Apple Watch screen onto the back of his concept iPhone alongside the rear cameras. Surprisingly, it works. Apple has already proven that it knows how to fit a lot of relevant information on a screen of this size. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

When the iPhone opens, it looks virtually identical to an iPhone 14 from the front. Dufka took the liberty of eliminating the notch – stock or pill-shaped – and replacing it with a single hole for the selfie camera. Perhaps by the time Apple finally releases the foldable iPhone, the Dynamic Island will have fallen out of favor.

Does Apple make a foldable iPhone?

All in all, it’s one of the most realistic foldable iPhone designs we’ve seen to date. We know from patent filings that Apple has been testing related technologies for years now. Whether or not either of these patents result in a commercial product.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are selling particularly well.

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