This Samsung smart display concept by Unichester features a rollable pop-up display


In 2011, Samsung set the tech industry on fire by previewing a prototype flexible display. Insiders were already talking about devices in development that would eventually use the technology. Nevertheless, it took the company some time before it was implemented as planned. Before the release of its first foldable screen smartphone, there was this rollable device that never launched.

The South Korean consumer electronics maker unveiled the Galaxy Fold in 2019. After a controversial durability issue was revealed, the release was pushed back to much later that year. To our surprise, a team from Unichest was also working on something with a roll-up screen at the time.

There aren’t any specific details as to what exactly this Samsung gadget will do, but there are enough design clues. It appears to be a smart speaker with a built-in roll-up screen that extends and retracts. We don’t know if this action is motorized or if you have to manually lift it to engage the locking mechanism.

As you can see, there is no model name on its black casing. The only text reads “Samsung Display” to imply that this project didn’t go far in development. Still, the perforations in the bottom section suggest it contains speakers. On the back, there are several ports for wired connectivity.

You get a USB-C port, two USB-A ports, and an HDMI port. It is not clear if the latter supports video or if it only functions as an audio return channel (ARC). We think it’s an elegant but odd choice for Unichest to add an outline. It covers one corner of the roll-up screen. Maybe Samsung has something better in mind.

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