Twitter user explains 40 concepts in ‘megathread’, netizens call it informative


Twitter user Gurwinder shared “40 useful concepts” in a long thread, which other netizens couldn’t help but rave about. Concepts range from digital world issues, social media usage, motivational ideas to philosophy.

Gurwinder called it a “megathread” and said it would take less than seven minutes to read.

Adjusting the term procrastination, he used “procrativity” to describe the activity of avoiding work by doing something else that seems productive. To elucidate his point, Gurwinder gave the example of the endless search for productivity hacks.

For social media users, Gurwinder’s advice is not to react emotionally to trolls and toxicity. According to the “grey rock method”, while responding to trolls, “toxic people get what they want – your time and energy and that leads to more trolls”.

The Twitter user also offered a solution for people who are having trouble solving their problems. According to Solomon’s paradoxical concept, “people easily solve other people’s problems because they are able to see them objectively. So the hack is to imagine yourself helping a friend.

Moreover, according to the gossip hypothesis, a leader is chosen based on how long he or she talks. “11. Babble Hypothesis: According to several studies, what best predicts if someone becomes a leader? Their experience? Their IQ? No! The time they spend talking. It doesn’t matter what they say, just how much they say. We fear picking leaders,” Gurwinder tweeted.

Gurwinder also has a hack for people who find it hard to get creative. “Play as someone accomplished in a particular field like Lady Gaga, Winston Churchill and do the job as they will,” he said.

Many users found the long thread informative. One user commented, “Brilliant thread although I would be amazed if you could read it in 7 minutes!


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