UGI, Global Common Energy to develop New York RNG project


By UGI Corp. | September 07, 2021

Cayuga RNG Holdings LLC today announced that it has reached an agreement to develop its second renewable natural gas (RNG) production project in upstate New York. This is in addition to the previously announced Spruce Haven Farm initiative. Cayuga RNG is a joint venture of UGI Energy Services LLC, a subsidiary of UGI Corp. and Global Common Energy LLC.

As previously announced, the first Cayuga RNG project is under development at the Spruce Haven farm, located in Cayuga County, in the Finger Lakes region of New York City. The project incorporates an existing anaerobic digester that generates biogas, which is used to generate renewable electricity, and is expected to be completed in the second half of calendar year 2022. Cayuga RNG has contracted with Martin Construction Resource, LLC, an industry leading supplier of RNG Equipment, for gas upgrading equipment at Spruce Haven.

The second Cayuga RNG project will be located at Allen Farms, approximately five miles from Spruce Haven. Allen Farms has contracted with Cayuga RNG to provide dairy waste that will be used as a feedstock for renewable natural gas. The project will include the construction of an anaerobic digester and a combined heat and power project. When completed in the second half of the 2022 schedule, the project is expected to produce 85 million cubic feet of environmentally friendly RNG each year. Cayuga RNG is actively pursuing several other projects in the region. GHI Energy, a subsidiary of UGIES, will be the exclusive purchaser and distributor of RNG for Cayuga RNG.

“We are very pleased with our expanding opportunities in the Finger Lakes region of New York,” said Robert F. Beard, executive vice president, Natural Gas. “Our growing investment in Cayuga RNG demonstrates UGI’s continued commitment to the development of environmentally friendly energy sources and is in line with our stated goal of dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, this brings UGI’s total commitment to renewable natural gas projects to over $ 100 million.

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