University students design futuristic Super Soco electric concepts


Super Soco knows the importance of youthful energy. The VMoto subsidiary usually attracts young riders with electric motorcycles like the TC Max and TC Wanderer as well as electric scooters like the CPx and CUmini. As trend cycles get shorter and shorter, the Chinese brand must continue to keep its style fresh and modern. In that case, what better place to find new ideas than in the corridors of the best design schools?

Thus, Super Soco turned to the Automotive and Transport Design department of Coventry College in England. The collaborative project asked students to create an all-new design based on the company’s popular CPx stepper scooter. Led by Dr Shaun Hutchinson and Aamer Mahmud of Coventry University, the students submitted papers for review by Super Soco CEO Richard Jordan and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Frost.

After looking at the drafts, Super Soco awarded first place to Vivek Marathe, Samuel Potts and Sandeep Vasireddy.

Vivek Marathe – Study

Samuel Potts - Fun N Go

Samuel Potts – Fun N Go

Marathe’s winning Tude project fused sustainability and individuality, appealing to younger generations with biodegradable bodywork and clever storage. Samuel Potts left ecology to the electric powertrain with his Fun N Go design, focusing all of his efforts on creating a sleek shape around the CPx chassis.

“I approached this project trying to design something fun and sci-fi inspired, with a distinct style,” Potts noted. “The design I ended up with features a front fascia, minimalist battery cover, and ‘floating’ seat, which I hope will create the visual excitement and enjoyment I wanted to achieve.”

Sandeep Vasireddy took the same aesthetic-centric approach as Potts, but drew inspiration from the past with his EN3 (Electric Neutral 3KWh) concept. Presented as a future version of a cafe racer, the rendering is both familiar and new.

“The opportunity to see where electric motorcycles can deliver benefits and meet the rapidly changing needs of modern urban environments is really exciting,” Frost explained. “Super Soco is proud to work with the next generation of future automotive and transportation designers who will be at the forefront of our next-generation transportation needs.”

While the Coventry x Soco Moto designs certainly push the boundaries of current scooter cosmetics, it doesn’t look like the brand has any plans to embrace these radical concepts just yet. Still, it’s great to see where the next generation of designers are headed.


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