US labor market continues to advance in September, hiring bottlenecks fade as variant improves: ADP



06 October 2021

The US labor market continues to recover, although the speed of that recovery has slowed, according to the ADP National Jobs Report released today.

He revealed that the United States had created 568,000 nonfarm jobs in the private sector in September.

“The labor market recovery continues to progress despite a sharp slowdown from 748,000 jobs in the second quarter,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist of ADP. “Leisure and hospitality remain one of the main beneficiaries of the recovery, but hiring is still strongly impacted by the trajectory of the pandemic, especially for small businesses.”

Current hiring bottlenecks are expected to ease as health conditions related to the Covid-19 variant continue to improve, Richardson said. This should pave the way for solid job gains over the coming months.

A lion’s share of the growth in ADP’s September report is due to large companies, which have created 390,000 jobs. Medium-sized businesses created 115,000 jobs while small businesses added 63,000.

Here are the jobs added in September by sector:

  • Producers of goods, up 102,000
    • Natural resources / mines, up 7,000
    • Construction, up 46,000
    • Manufacturing, up 49,000
  • Service delivery, up 466,000
    • Trade / transport / public services, up 54,000
    • News, up 11,000
    • Financial activities, up 22,000
    • Professional / business services, up 61,000
      • Professional / technical services, up 35,000
      • Management of companies / enterprises, up 3,000
      • Administrative / support services, up 24,000
    • Education / health services, up 66,000
      • Health / social assistance, up 43,000
      • Education, up 22,000
    • Leisure / hospitality, up 226,000
    • Other services, up 28,000

The data in the report is derived from ADP payroll data, which represents 460,000 US customers employing nearly 26 million workers in the United States.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is expected to release its job growth report in September on Friday.



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