Warframe dev brand ‘Soulframe’ could hint at a new project


Does Warframe developer Digital Extremes have a mysterious new project in development? A brand new Soulframe leaves no clues but could point to an upcoming game from the development of veteran shooters – perhaps even along the same lines as its popular multiplayer game.

As spotted on Reddit (via Gematsu), last week Warframe studio Digital Extremes filed a trademark application in Europe for “Soulframe”. You can consult the trademarks page of the European Union Intellectual Property Office for yourself. There’s not much to say, but it seems to confirm Soulframe – whatever it is – as “computer gaming software”.

A quick check of Digital Extremes’ other trademarks on the EUIPO site shows that the studio is not one to file trademarks lightly. Of the nine trademarks it has, all relate to games previously released by the developer – from the likes of Warframe and Dark Sector to mobile games like Survived By and the canceled The Amazing Eternals.

Of course, the difference between Soulframe and all of Digital Extremes’ other trademarks is the conspicuous use of “frame” in the title, suggesting that – if that is a new game – it could be a Warframe spin-off, or the developer is trying to brand their new games with similar titles, like Gearbox with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (at Borderlands) or Frontier with Planet Zoo (at Planet coaster).

That’s all speculation, though, and until Digital Extremes reveals details about Soulframe, that’s all fans have to go on. We’ve reached out to the studio for comment and will update this article with any response.

Anyway, Digital Extremes just released the Angels of the Zariman expansion for one of the best ninja games on PC, so Warframe isn’t being replaced anytime soon.


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