Why change the chief minister if Gujarat is on the path to progress? asks Shiv Sena


“Replacing Vijay Rupani with Bhupendra Patel was an easy act,” Saamana’s editorial reads (File)


The Shiv Sena said today that the sudden change of guard in Gujarat, where the first BJP deputy Bhupendra Patel has been appointed as the new chief minister, reflects the style of operation generally associated with Congress and said the move shows that the “balloon” of Gujarat’s development model has burst.

An editorial in spokesperson Sena “Saamana“said the people of Gujarat were extremely angry with the ‘collapse’ of the healthcare system during the second wave of Covid when Vijay Rupani was the chief minister, and the BJP also realized that the community influencer de Patidar, to whom Bhupendra Patel belongs, is upset with the party, leading to change at the top.

“The same is happening in Congress and we have to call it democracy,” quipped the Sena, a former BJP ally who now shares power with Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Maharashtra.

With the sudden change in leadership, the editorial claimed that the “balloon” of Gujarat’s model of development, governance and democracy had now burst.

“Bhupendra Patel has not even been appointed Minister in the past four years, but has been directly appointed Chief Minister. If Gujarat was really on the path to progress, then why did the BJP change? chief minister overnight? ” the daily Marathi wanted to know.

In the midst of the cacophony of “vikas“(development), if the direction is suddenly changed, people are sowing doubt,” he said.

“Is this the Gujarat model where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will really have to take the lead in keeping Bhupendra Patel front and center ahead of state polls (scheduled for December next year)? Asked the editorial.

Mr Patel is a strong supporter of former Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel, while Vijay Rupani had the backing of Union Home Secretary Amit Shah, which will make the next few days “chaotic and interesting. “, according to the publication.

“Replacing Vijay Rupani with Bhupendra Patel was an easy act. The BJP is confident it will face a backlash from unemployment, the shutdown of large factories, including the carmaker Ford’s plant near Ahmedabad.” , did he declare.

Gujarat’s health system “collapsed” during the second wave of the pandemic and people are extremely angry about it, the editorial claimed, adding that the closure of the Ford plant has cost their earnings -bread to about 40,000 people.

“The state government of Gujarat watched helplessly as the dance of death during the second wave. Pyres have been set in every village and people are in distress,” the Sena publication said.

“People who are not in the limelight have secured key positions (by the BJP), such as the selection of Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister of Maharashtra after the 2014 Assembly polls,” said the ‘editorial.

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