Woodsdale Elementary School Takes Parking Issues for Major Construction Project



Wheeling, WV (WTRF) – Woodsdale Elementary School is trying to get everyone on the same page as a major construction project is in the near future.

It all came up at a community meeting. Big renovations are coming to the school. This should eliminate parking: a concern for many. Meanwhile, school officials are just starting to find solutions.

From the expansion at the back, to the addition of an upgraded cafeteria and total classroom renovations, big changes are happening at Woodsdale Elementary.

But there might be a few bumps along the way.

“I think the concerns of the community and the surrounding neighborhood are the parking situation, which is already a daily concern.”

Principal Ashlea Minch, Woodsdale Elementary School

This is certainly nothing unheard of for the Ashlea Minch principle. Principe Minch says they don’t have a lot of designated parking to begin with – with 58 staff members and just 30 spaces, and even more spaces are expected to disappear once construction begins.

“We’re actually on the verge of losing about 16 places potentially on our construction playground.”

Principal Ashlea Minch, Woodsdale Elementary School

Nothing Principal Minch and other school officials intend to ignore.

“So where do we put these 16 cars?” … Is a common question we get, and that’s what we’re working towards. We are exploring all options at this point. Believe me.”

Principal Ashlea Minch, Woodsdale Elementary School

She talks about options like parking at community businesses or large parking lots that are underused. Even an idea of ​​carpooling has sprouted.

There is no clear resolution at this point, but there is one thing the Minch Principle intends to keep in mind.

“I think the safety of our students is first and foremost in our minds, and so we will continue to make sure our students are safe, and a little inconvenience here and there with the construction is going to be worth it in the end when they see the beautiful project.

Principal Ashlea Minch, Woodsdale Elementary School



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